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It took many years of officiating weddings to learn that what I enjoy the most is the small, intimate ceremony. Many couples have figured out that they can have a very personal, affordable ceremony and save their money for the big stuff - like travel, education, or a down payment on a house. And in a time of pandemic and economic strain, it makes good sense to go small. Why not?


​My way of working is simple. I gather the information I need via phone call or text, with a follow-up by email. Then I get to work crafting a simple ceremony that captures the essence of you as a couple. If you would like to meet me in person, I am happy to do so, at no additional charge.


With my background in the social sciences and my experience as an interviewer, I am really good at getting to the heart of your story in very little time.

As a Northwest native, I am still discovering beautiful, interesting, and quirky places to get married. I have married couples under giant trees, on bridges, in backyards, in tiny chapels, on bicycles, in bars.


The possibilities are endless.



No Frills

Sometimes a couple wants to marry immediately (like, tomorrow), with nothing more than vows and a document signing. This short notice ceremony is dependent on my availability. My fee for this basic service is $150. Two witnesses must be present. Note: Even this no-frills ceremony can happen in a unique place!


Simply Crafted

This ceremony takes shape from our initial conversation and my information gathering. It is a more personal ceremony that captures your essence/story as a couple. This is my most popular offering! My fee for this service is $250. Two witnesses must be present for document signing, and the price includes 20 or fewer guests.



This is the Simple Crafted Ceremony + a signature cocktail designed (and named!) for the couple and served to your guests. My fee for this service is $500, inclusive of alcohol and all supplies.



We had been together for ten years when we decided to make it legal – right now! Eve married us two days later under a big, beautiful tree at Wright Park. It was a “no frills” ceremony with just our two witnesses, but she made it so special. We loved her style, and we still reminisce about our tiny wedding.

– Nikki & Sage



Once you have decided to go with me as your officiant, I require a nonrefundable deposit of $50 to hold your date. The remaining balance is due the day of your ceremony, payable in cash, or through Venmo or PayPal.

To officiate outside of Pierce County, I charge an additional travel fee of .55 cents per mile, calculated as a round trip.


(253) 455-6963

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